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By nature, the paratwa units recruit by invitation only. 
However, if you are awakened to your "true" nature and/or are bearing the fire,
feel free to contact the appropriate pak'protectors (aka CEOs) in space.


The Paratwa...

An EVE sect dedicated to rebalancing the overwhelming darkness that exists within this timeshard. We focus the Matari peoples to their rightful status within this New Eden. We seek vengeance against the darkened Amarrian oppressors and all darkend energies in this time. Our life is based on the principles of Ash Ock.

Our destiny is to "refocus" and fight, we shall have our vengeance within this timeshard as we have had in the past!

Gelfiven III Station

You stick your head in the open door from the passageway, trying to avoid the grime and dirt smeared on both the walls and the seemingly-broken door. Barely visible next to the door are the words "Gelfiven III Station" - as if you didn't know that already - and below that, "Docking Bay 91". Through the door lies open air, a metallic catwalk the only thing between you and a very long, very fatal, fall.

Through the grille of the catwalk, you can see to the floor of the hangar far below. Apparrently unused for quite some time, it is littered with crates and boxes of various sizes, in various states of disrepair. On the far wall you can see the massive space doors, bent and twisted beyond repair. A humbling reminder of the size and power of modern starships, even ones as small as the Tristan which had slammed into the doors at the command of an inattentive captain. Though the breach had been sealed, the station administrators had judged it too expensive to be worth repairing the doors, instead choosing to inactivate the hangar. It sat empty and silent for years, but that had changed recently. It was that change which had attracted your attention.

You can see, far below you, a few figures moving about, cleaning the debris and setting up everything from modular living quarters to a firing range. The tattoos of Minmatar are clearly visible on them all, and they move with a purpose, the word 'driven' coming first to your mind. The hangar is still little more than an abandoned hangar, but there is something elusive in the air, something which speaks of things to come...

Welcome, brethren, to the home of the Paratwa and that of the ways of the Ash Ock. Ignore the mess, we're just getting moved in. Unlike the Caldari who believe that form is as important as function, or the Gallenteans who believe that form is function, we Matari know that something must work before it can be made attractive. So, here we are. Check back often, for it is always surprising what determined minds can do.

One of the minmatar speaks, with the mature voice of an experienced teacher:
"The morally ambigous nature of the paratwa ... well, as paratwa we deal in the moral equivalent of black holes, where the normal laws - the rules of right and wrong that people imagine apply everywhere else in the universe - break down; beyond those metaphysical event-horizons, there exist ... special circumstances. That's us. That's our territory; our domain."

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